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I’ll actually be taking this one down.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I moved accounts and lost all my followers. The follower part isn’t a problem, but I plan on only following the people the follow me and my blog is super empty. I’m begging for you guys to follow me!! Ignore how un-classic rockish my blog is at the moment, that’s why I need you guys ;_;

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unrelated admin post:

Hello, guys! I’ve kinda missed being on this blog, but now that I’m on it for the first time in forever, I’ve noticed something pretty groovy. WE’RE CURRENTLY AT 101 FOLLOWERS!! Holy Sherlock Holmes, that’s a lot for our activity (not much for how long we’ve been here though). Thank you all so much. You’re all fabulous and fantastic and other complimentary words. Without you guys giving us notes on all our stupid stuff, this blog would be nothing. THANKS A MILLION AND THREE.

Now, remember, you can always submit stuff to us also. I’ve just added another button to submit, on the sidebar. See it? Under directory. Please PLEASE PLEASEsubmit!!

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Even Deacy… [link]

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.Sorry we’ve been inactive. I’ve been busy getting grounded and do school work. I’m also really sorry because I haven’t had any ideas for “Classic Rock Things” because I’ve been watching a ton of Supernatural and am becoming estranged from music. 3;

I promise I’ll (I dunno about Kee and Duffy) try to get on more, but I won’t promise to make more posts, because as I said, I’m becoming estranged from music, so please send in your requests using our ask box. c:

yo Duffy here.  I’m going too try to be on soon, but I don’t think this week or anything. :P exams. ugh. 

anywhores. just as Izzy said, our ask box is always open.

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